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Personal memorials to the 47 killed in Lac-Mégantic cover the fence by the destroyed downtown along the rail line.


Almost a year after the wreck, Tom Harding is arrested by a SWAT Team along with his codefendents


Demonstration against resumption of volatile oil shipments by 1000 of the local citizens of Lac-Mégantic in November of 2015


The bulldozed remains of the historic downtown of Lac-Mégantic after the destruction of 100 homes and businesses

Harding Farnham 1

Tom Harding and Railroad Workers United representative Fritz Edler in Harding’s home time of Farnham, QC

Harding Jersey closeup

Tom Harding is presented a jersey with the logo of Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen Local Division 316, from Atlanta, GA


Early morning distributing of information defending Harding and Labrie at a Montreal rail yard


Tom Walsh, attorney for Tom Harding explains details of the case to a gathering of 20 students from the University of Quebec at Montreal

058 Harding Farnham 4 Harding Farnham 6 IMG_20160407_104439

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